Introducing Me

Hi to everyone doing the Professional Ethics Course!

My name is Alexa Pohl.


I’m a Physiotherapist working in Secunda, Mpumalanga in South Africa.  I graduated from the University of the Western Cape in 2007, then did my Community Service year at Evander Hospital in Mpumalanga.  I worked in private practice for 4 years before opening my own practice a little over a year ago.

I did the OMT1 (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) Course in 2011 and love working with patients with orthopaedic or sports related injuries.  I’m a club hockey player myself and enjoy anything active or outdoorsy, from Pilates to mountain biking.  I am passionate about my profession and represent it by being the Chairperson of the Gert Sibande District (1 of 3 districts in Mpumalanga Province).  I’m a member of the OMT, Sports and Dry Needling Special Interest Groups of the SASP (South African Society of Physiotherapy).

I am Christian.  I believe that one’s faith impacts one’s decision-making profoundly.  It forms the yardstick with which you measure things.  We all have different faiths, experiences, feelings and interpretations that influence how we decide where to draw the line.   Right and wrong is universal, but the interpretation of where the black blurs into white differs.  It’s always interesting to hear other people’s perspectives and ideas on different situations, so I’m looking forward to this course.

I also love the wonderful age we live in that makes doing a course in this format possible.  It’s so exciting that we’ll be sharing our thoughts and ideas while sitting on different ends of the earth!


A closing link to make you think…

(Can you guess who’s viewpoint I favour?)

Freud and C.S. Lewis on ethics and morality